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Faralia (Applicant) 8/30/2009 9:48 PM EST : Faralia's Guide to Healing as a Holy Paladin
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Faralia's Guide to Healing as a Holy Paladin

This is my guide to healing as a Holy Paladin. I have tried manydifferent ways to heal, but this is the way that I have found mosteffective and the way that I have found most popular throughout otherHoly Paladins that I have talked to.

1. Addons

For starters, you'll need to download your basic raid addons. The ones that I use are:
  • Grid
  • Pitbull
  • Satrina BuffFrames
  • Clique
a. Grid
Grid takes a while to set up. The way I have it set up is for themiddle text to say the name, ghost debuff warning, or death debuffwarning, on the target. I have the top left icon set to "AggroWarning", the bottom left set to "Incoming Heals" (just a littlesquare, not how much they are going to be healed for), the top rightset to "Buff: Sacred Shield" and the bottom right set to "Buff: Beaconof Light". I have the outer perimeter of the square set to show whetheror not I have that unit targeted, and the central icon set to showdebuffs that are Diseases, Poisons, or Magic Effects.
Also make sure that in the layout menu you have your Heroic Raid layoutset to 25 players and your Raid layout set to 10 players.

b. Pitbull
Since Grid tells you pretty much everything you need to know abouthealth, diseases, curses, etc. for the raid, I have only the raidframesfor me and my target enabled using Pitbull. I have buffs disabled oneveryone, because of the Satrina BuffFrames. I have the frames set atthe bottom center of my screen, just above my action bars. Pitbull iswhat I also use as a cast bar. I do not have buffs or debuffs showingon Pitbull since Grid shows me debuffs and my Satrina BuffFrames addonshows me MY buffs and debuffs.

c. Satrina BuffFrames
Satrina BuffFrames is an addon that shows all of the buffs you have,and you can move them around the screen. I have mine set to 2 buffs percolumn for the buffs, and 2 debuffs per column for the debuffs. I havethem positioned at the top right corner of my screen, where the minimapis positioned when it is at its default position.

d. Clique
Clique is infact very easy to set up. Just open up your spellbook,click the bottom tab that looks sort of like a bunny wearing a partyhat. All you have to do from there is hover over the spell that youwant to bind and press the button you want to bind it to. So if youwant to bind Flash of Light to left mouse button, then just left mouseclick on the Flash of Light icon. I have my Flash of Light set to leftclick, Holy Shock to middle click (scroll wheel), Holy Light set toright click, Lay on Hands set to mouse button 5, Beacon of Light set tomouse button 4, and Sacred Shield set to shift + left click.

2. Spells

a. Flash of Light
The spell that I try to spam the most is Flash of Light, however inharder fights such as bosses in Ulduar you will find yourself usingHoly Light more than anything.

b. Holy Light
Holy Light is the paladin's strongest healing spell. This should bespammed when someone is very near death or taking an uncontrollableamount of damage.

c. Holy Shock
When someone is in dire need of a heal, much more than a simple "Flashof Light" can help, and the player is probably going to die before Ican get a "Holy Light" off, I use my Holy Shock, because it is instantcast and heals for around 5k non-crit. Holy Shock has more of apotential to critically hit than any other spell, and there is a reasonfor this. When you critically hit, it gives your next Flash of Light aninstant cast or reduces the cast time of your next Holy Light by 50%.You should take advantage of this benefit as soon as possible, as thebuff will not last very long.

d. Beacon of Light
I ALWAYS have Beacon of Light on the tank, whether or not I am assignedto raid heals or main/off tank heals. It helps out either way. WithoutBeacon of Light, a paladin's overall healing done and heals per secondcan drop drastically.

e. Sacred Shield
I use "Sacred Shield" when I am main/off tank healing, and I put it onwhichever tank I am assigned to heal. I always have Sacred Shield upif I am using it for a fight.

f. Judgement of Light
I try to have Judgement of Light up on the main target as much as possible, because each time I put it up the main tank takes more healing.

3. Gear Check

For Heroic Naxxramas, as a Paladin Healer, you should have around 19Kmana self-buffed (with Blessing of Kings), and around 1800 Spell Powerto be an effective healer. Spell Crit Chance should be around 30% forHoly Spells.

a. Gems
Paladins should gem strictly for intellect. Every gem should be +16intellect (+29 Intellect if you are a 450 Jewelcrafter), regardless ofsocket bonuses. The only reason you should stray from this is if yourmeta gem requirements call for it.

b. Enchants
The head enchant should be the Arcanum of Burning Mysteries, which requires Revered with the Kirin Tor.
The shoulder enchants should be the Greater Inscription of the Storm, which requires Exalted with the Sons of Hodir.
The chest enchant should be +10 to stats.
The cloak enchant should be +23 haste rating.
The wrist enchant should be +30 spell power.
The hand enchant should be +28 spell power.
The waist "enchant" should be the belt buckle, which should be socketed with a +16 intellect gem.
The leg enchant should be the spellthread from tailors which does +50 spell power and +30 stamina.
The boot enchant should be +12 hit rating and +12 critical strike rating.
The weapon enchant should be +63 spell power.
The shield enchant should be +25 spell power.

4. Talents and Glyphs

You can check out my talent spec and glyphs here.

5. Overhealing

When I am in a boss fight, and I am currently casting a spell, and Isee on Grid that the target was just topped off, I do NOT stop casting.With the huge mana pool that paladins should have, a little bit of overhealing shouldn't be a problem, especially in Ulduar, with how quickly people take damage.

Well, that's it! If you have questions or ideas for something for me toadd to this thread, or even if you just have comments about the threaditself, please reply! Thanks!


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